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🤖 Bot

So, we have a hulk bot. Our bot helps us track when we train, belt promotions and so on. The bot shares this information with the group inciting conversation and discussion around that topic. Our bot also makes it fun to be part of Jitsu Club. We gamify training by allowing you to spark a streak so you don't think of training as a chore!

💬 Real time chat

We offer a lot of value from having instant connection with people you can learn from. Ever been curious why you just can't seem to pass guard efficiently? Ask the group. Ever wanted to discuss the positions you've been in after training? Ask the group. Are you a beginner and want to know how to get into the gentle art? Ask the group.

🤩 Motivation

This community is built around motivation and accountability. We keep each other accountable and we motivate each other to keep on rolling. An amazing thing about publicly tracking your training though, is that somehow, you keep yourself accountable.

📈 Improve your game

See your stats visualised out into graphs and charts! You'll get to see different angles of your bjj game. If you're getting tapped over and over by the same move, you'd see it better on our chart and know what you should focus your next drill session on!









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No bribery involved

"Jitsu club has played a huge role in my development as a jiu-jitsu player. With the help of this community, I am able to meet new people as well as discuss new techniques and problems faced on the mat on a daily basis. Also with the aid of the bot, there are many features such as an option that allows me to monitor my frequency of training as well as tracking my injuries. By sharing my progress to the community I feel an extra sense of accountability and motivation to train."

Calvin Yeap

"Jitsu club has been a great platform for me, it’s a community I can count on for answers to my Jiu Jitsu questions and woes, everyone celebrates each other’s mini milestones (getting a stripe/promoted/hitting their first flying triangle) which is always awesome. My favorite part is that everyone can chime in; allowing you to have a broader perspective of bjj and get insights into each other’s minds when it comes to techniques. That is something unique and special."

Jamie Han

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